New Yorker through and through. Starbucks Chai tea lattes

with whole milk, but occasionally soy milk as a treat.

An aspiring wildlife veterinarian until chemistry hit. Suffers from allergies 75% of the year, verified by an allergist. Hoarder of art supplies, skills, and lists. Believes knowledge is freedom.

Open-heart surgery at 16, unstoppable as ever.





Formal degree in human-centered, research-based Interior and Environmental Design with a minor in Computer Arts focusing in motion graphics and animation. 

Developing an "Art of..." book for graduate thesis in Visual Development for Animation based on an original story.

7+ years professional and student experience in multiple sectors of Design, including production, experiential, environmental, and presentation design.


  • 10+ years student & professional Adobe Creative Suite (Ps, Ill, InD) experience.

  • Proficient with 3D modeling programs, including Sketchup & 3DS Max, and rendering in V-Ray. Additional proficiency in AutoCAD. 

  • Ability to translate concepts or adapt given branded assets to fit project's design needs. 

  • Experience with space-planning for interior and exterior spaces in compliance with ADA standards. 

  • Working knowledge of digital versus printed graphic design requirements.

  • Working knowledge of all stages of signage fabrication, including file preparation, callouts, material, weeding, and packaging/shipping.  

  • Experience with site-surveying to determine project needs and on-site assistance during installation.

  • Lead designer on team for select projects. 

  • Able to collaborate with team members and clients to ensure visuals meet brand guidelines and assets are delivered according to schedule. ​

  • Experience with designing for a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, entertainment, and beauty. 


Participate in Artist Alleys multiple times a year as an independent illustrator and designer. Past conventions have included Emerald City Comic Con, Fanime, Crunchyroll Expo, and Flamecon.

Collaborate with Eric Tsai, fellow Cornell alumni and VFX producer at Sony, to help establish the Gap Year Experience at Cornell University.

Connect with current students and members of the Cornell Animation Club to provide student and career advice.