MTV/VMA VidCon 2019

MAG, 2019

Photo Credits: BDS Marketing, NBC News, TheDailyWoo, NBC News, BizBash


VidCon is the annual convention for Youtubers, influencers, and other members of the social media industry. The Creators Hall featured installations and booths by major brands to internet celebrities.

I built on initial concepts by MAG's Art Director and feedback from the client to create "Instagrammable moments" for MTV's "360 Experience" booth. In the production phase, I worked with the project team to prepare 3D models, installation notes, and print files for the fabricator to ensure the installation matched the proposed concepts.

Industry Entertainment, Social Media

Scope Estimated 75,000+ Attendees, 3-Day Convention

Installation Snapshots

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MAG Experiential

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